Probiotics for weight loss

Apples with probiotics for weight loss

In addition to all the known benefits of probiotics for the intestinal microbiota and, consequently, for the rest of the body, some probiotic strains have also shown their ability to control our body fat level and consequently control weight.

Oral Thrush Treatment

It is estimated that around 50% of the healthy population has this fungus in the oral cavity, being this percentage even higher as the age of the person advances, which causes this pathology to be increasingly important due to a life expectancy that continues to increase.

Probiotics for diarrhea

Person with diarrhea in need of probiotics

One of the main areas of study of probiotics has been the prevention and/or treatment of diarrhea. Generally, diarrhea is a symptom of a digestive tract infection caused by bacterial microorganisms, viruses or parasites and where probiotics have been shown to be effective.

The Intestinal Microbiota

intestinal microbiota

The intestinal microbiota, known until not so long ago as the intestinal flora, is the group or community of microorganisms that reside in an indigenous way in the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Labeling of probiotics

Probiotic label

How many millions of microorganisms are in each dose of a probiotic? What species and/or strain are they? What is the shelf life of the product? All this and much more should be indicated in the printed text or on the label of a probiotic package

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